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Aug 22, 2009 6:00pm EDT
watch. good saturday. i'm craig melvin. many of us have already seen heavy rain. some of us are seeing it right now. parts of our area under a flash flood warning right now. meteorologist, chuck bell standing by. tracking the severe weather for us in storm center 4. chuck, what are we seeing now? >> craig, heaviest rain now is coming down in anne arundel county, 1 to 2 inches per hour. you need to be on the lookout if you live in a low-lying, flood-prone area. may need to be on the lookout over the next couple hours. flash flood watch up for east of the blue ridge. until midnight. several flash flood warnings. charles county, maryland. flash flood warning until 8:45. prince george's county, maryland. flash flood warning, 10:45. calvert, anne arundel, flash flood warnings for you until 11:30 tonight. rainfall amounts have been fredericbu today. alexandria, inch and a half. culpeper, 2 inches. southern maryland. 1.5 inches. andrew air force base, prince george's county, over 2 inches of rain. under the gun. lots of lightning. show you a great picture of lightning in a bit. complete check
Aug 23, 2009 1:00pm EDT
a good pitch game, johnny and have craig to go seven innings, six minimally and take pressure off the bullpen. we are scoring runs and we will score run off the milwaukee staff. i believe manny parra going today, has given up almost seven runs game his last five starts. the offense has been able to put some runs up but 20 run in two space the bullpen go 11 innings, that's not something that will bode out well in the end. >> johnny: uncharacteristic to see john lannan struggle like he did last night. it was rough, trying to keep the ball club close and i doubt if we will see a performance like that from him again this year. >> ray: oh, i don't think we will, johnny. he is a good witcher and one of the best pitchers in the league. the thing that i like about john is his tenacity. he has been able to pitch throughout the last two seasons with duress or pressure on him. a lot of times having runners on first and second and pitching out of trouble because he has an uncanny ability to make pitches of. last night he had balls down. i reviewed the tapes and thought everything was up but
Aug 23, 2009 2:00pm EDT
colorado for one inning 2-1. up the middle and craig's got it! waits for dunn to get to the bag and a great way to start the game. well done. >> rob: talking about the starting pitching -- it's also you have to go along with the game and your offense is busting their butt. that should make you kick it in a notch. and, you know, ramp up your energy level and i just haven't seen it out of the starters. you can't just be happy to be in the major leagues. hey, i'm a rookie! that's not what it is all about. you have been pitching for 15, 20 years, some of these guys. you know how to pitch. go out and do the job. >> bob: i know when we cover college athletics there's a point in the season when you say he's not a freshman anymore. he's not a sophomore anymore. >> rob: exactly. >> bob: that's the point of this season, basically. some of these guys have been here for four and a half months. are they rookies or not? >> rob: yeah. lannan has over 60 start in the major league and needs to turn it around. that means you go out there with nothing, you still should be able to go through the order tw
Aug 10, 2009 7:00pm EDT
for transportation and retail stocks. but don and craig hodges, the father and son co-managers of the hodges fund, pride themselves on betting big on stocks others avoid. the fund is up 20% this year, soundly beating the s&p 500. but last year was a different story. the fund lost nearly 50%. in tonight's "of mutual interest," erika miller talks to the hodges. she began by asking don hodges whether 2008's poor returns changed the fund's investment strategy. >> i can't say that we're changing our approach from the standpoint of what we use in making our decisions. what we have done is cut back on the number of stocks that we own. and we've gone over the last couple years from having around positions in the portfolio to probably about 45 right now. and the reason we're doing that is to get more impact on the recovery from our favorite stocks. and it is working. >> susie: craig, what is your market outlook? how optimistic are you that the recovery is in place in terms of stock market rally? >> i think the worst is behind us. the way we look at things, the market could go sideways for a while but we
Aug 25, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. >> paul: joining us for more on the markets and the upward trend in oil prices, craig callahan, founder and president of icon advisers and the icon funds. craig, welcome back to nbr. >> the markets welcomed today's bernanke bernank, but you say ps shouldn't matter to investors. what do you think? >> people focused on washington, worried about things, debates and uncertainty, and they're missing the stock market. in terms of the fed chairman, he will inherited quite a crisis a year ago, and i thought he handled it very well. so i think th market likes stability and we're fine with this reappointment. >> paul: politics is fine with investing? >> yes. people are debating issues that might have consequences three, four years from now. the market doesn't look out that far. >> paul: six months or so. >> definitely. >> paul: what are you seeing in the markets right now? >> broad market's up 53% from its low in march. we think it's a sensible rally. a very typical economic recovery anticipation rally. >> paul: but overdone? >> no. when it started, we saw stocks as 45% below fair value. we still
Aug 10, 2009 5:50am EDT
panel to start -- i am very sorry to "mary todd lincoln", and it craig symonds, author of "lincoln and his admirals". >> i'm distinguished prof. of history and the chair of the curriculum with on peace, war and friends at the university of north carolina chapel hill. today we have two outstanding box covers one written by dr. 12 -- jean baker, she is a professor of history, she received her ph.d. at johns hopkins under david donnels, she is the author of numerous books including a biography of james buchanan and sisters, the lives of america suffragists, perhaps her best book is a there's a party, political culture of northern democrats in the mid-19th century, and today she is going to talk about a phenomenal biography. two my mind the best on a mary todd lincoln and one of the finest biography is i have ever read. >> joe. [laughter] >> costar $20 to get that comment. [laughter] our second speaker is an old friend of mine, craig symonds, and he is well-known to people here at the key school, the cross country coach. volunteer i might have. he is professor emeritus of the u.s. na
Aug 10, 2009 6:30pm EDT
an retail stocks. but n and craig hodges, the father and son co-manars of the hodges fund, pride themselv on betting big on stocks others avoid. the fund is up 20% this ar, soundly beatinthe s&p 500. but lastear was a different story. the fund lost nely 50%. in tonight's "of mutual terest," erika miller talks the hodges. she ben by asking don hodges whether 2008's pr returns changed e fund's investment strategy. >> i can't say that we'r changing o approach from the standpnt of whate usein king our decisions. what we have done is cut back on the number stocks that we own. d we've gone over the last couple years from having around sitions in the portfolio to probab about 45ight now. and the reasone're dng that to get more impt on the recory from o favorite stocks and it is rking. >> susie: raig, what your market outlook? how optimistic are y that the recovery is in place in rms of stock market rally? >> i think the worst is behind us. the way we look at things, the marketould go sideways f a while but we d't look for the marketo continue go straight, straig up. andit doesn't need to. we
Aug 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
by donna edward. craig melvin here with more on the story. craig. >> jim, fewer voices at tonight's meeting than what we have been seeing. those at the meeting were also, largely like-minded democrats, eg eager how to hear morph a friendly crowd. >> sir, i just don't believe you. [ applause ] >> this is what many of the townhall health care shows have looked like. >> you are talking down to the american people. >> thursday night's health care townhall in prince george's county was smaller and calmer. folks who showed up just asked their questions. >> things change. and circumstances. and do we have to wait until there has been an open season. to select or change our health plan. and people who work for employers that offer no health care. >> congresswoman donna edward said it is too early to know if there will be open enrollment. she told the last gentleman a new system would most benefit people like him who currently have no health care. edward also touted the benefits of the public option. one that would essentially create a government-run health care program to compete with private insur
Aug 22, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. thanks for watching. craig melvin up next with the news. >>> it was a stormy saturday across much of our area. in fact, we were under a flood watch for most of the day, but it looks like we are finally starting to dry out. good saturday to you. i'm craig melvin. we saw heavy rain move through this even. meteorologist chuck bell has been keeping an eye on that radar and joins us now with the very latest. how we looking right now? >> finally, things are starting to get a lot quieter across the area. all the flash flood warnings and watches have now been canceled by the national weather service. the only flood watches left are now in the northern portions of delaware moving out of our area. no flash flood watches or warnings anywhere in place so that is definitely welcome news. abundance of rainfall today. a lot of spots, prince georges, calvert, two to five inches of rain today. and an awful lot of flash flooding from annapolis into southern arundel. he's a check of live doppler. moving into prince georges and northern charles county. a complete check of the rest of th seven-day forecast w
Aug 26, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. tonight we are hearing from the driver of the vehicle who has an incredible story. craig melvin at the state police barracks. around noon, the indn native and his wife had just finished taking their oath of citizenship. tonight they have two things to celebrate. they're american citizens. today they narrowly escaped death. >> the couple pledged their aloge ans to america as citizens for the fir gs time. allegiance to america as citizens for the first time. they sang as they cised on the outer loop. >> i thought we would die. >> a dumptruck in the opposite lane, hilt debris and lost two tires. one of them headed for the lexus, suv. >> i didn't know what to do. i couldn't stop. hundreds of cars behind me. so i just paused for a moment. tried to slow down. and i saw it coming. >> unable to stop he swerved. >> you know you are going to die. there is nothing to be scared about. my son, my daughter. so i parade to god. >> a quick prayer. then, impact. >> hit the driver's side first. and then the windshield smashed into a million pieces. thought i would go blind. and my hands. and -- i
Aug 6, 2009 11:00am EDT
sotomayor's confirmation th afternoon. fox's craig boswell is live on capitol hill with a preview of what should be the last day of debate. craig? >> reporter: good morning to you, holly. the senate is expected to confirm president obama's first pick for the high court making sonia sotomayor the first hispanic justice. the senate is now an hour into the final day of ull hour into the debate. republicans controlled the first hour. democrats will get the second hour. three-quarters of republican senators oppose her nominati citing concerns what they call judicial activism and some of her past statements on race. but there are a handful of g.o.p. senators who say they will vote in favor, eight of them. democrats who control the senate say her 17-year record on the bench make her the most qualified nominee in recent history. she is of puerto rican descent, was raised in a new york city housing project, achieved an ivy league education. sonia sotomor will be the third female justice and 111th person to sit on the high court. holly, that vote is expected around 3:00 this ternoon. if she is conf
Aug 2, 2009 11:00pm EDT
million budget short fall. darcy spencer is live in the studio tonight with that story. >> craig, council members say the increases were necessary in tight budget times. one member says some of the tax hikes could be good for business. in virginia. in the district the cost of a pack of smokes, a gallo of gas, and many taxable items is going up. the council has approved a budget that combines cuts in tax hikes to plug a $660 million hole over the next few years. >> for the city it was an excellent job. it really closed a $340 million gap for the next year. ands a $660 million gap into the future which is something that most cities and states around the country are having a terrible time with. >> reporter: but some say there are better ways to make up the short fall. >> the $600 million deficit? $200 million for the hotels. there's the deficit. way they got to raise taxes? i don't know. >> reporter: d.c. sales tax will go up from 5.75% to 6%. the gas tax will rise to 23.5 cents a gallon. cigarette tax will increase from $2 to $2.50 a pack. a councilman says he fears some of the increases wi
Aug 5, 2009 11:00pm EDT
the officers while on duty. craig melvin has been in contact with several alexandra city officials this evening. craig? >> reporter: jim, alexandria police aren't saying much. they won't talk about the investigation. they won't talk about the event that led to the investigation. but news 4 has learned that tonight two alexandria police officers are in fact under investigation. sources tell news 4 the alexandria police department has launched an internal investigations into claims of misconduct with two of is officers. sources also say the claims are sexual in nature, and they were made by a woman who h bnee pulled over. then alexandria police departmet would ons s aay a matter of lili, "we don'tss dcuishecu specifics of any ongoing internal investigations." if the claims do turn out to be true, it would be the latest in a string of recent embarrassments for the department. july 25th, alexandria police chief david baker was arrested and charged with dui after crashing his city-issued vehicle. next week a parking enforcement officer for handing out parking tags to people who weren't handicapped
Aug 14, 2009 11:00am EDT
bear and my old friend, craig peckham, go way back, trading strategist with jeffries and company. craig, terrific to see you. >> likewise, trish. >> i'm going to kick it off with you here, because you are in agreement with mr. el-erian. why do you think the market is getting ahead of itself and is overvalued right now? i think we need to be careful on how we position that, only because what stock markets do is discount not what's happening now, but what's happening in the future. so while we're absolutely right in saying that the stock market's behavior lately doesn't match with what is happening in real-time, as we look out to next year, there is certainly a high level of expectations being built into it. right now, the consensus forecast for the s&p 500 is for a 25% earnings gain. that's a pretty spectacular increase. and we've got the stock market valued on those earnings right now at about 14 times. that's not a huge upside relative to long-term valuations for the market. so i think there is, you know, some credibility and viability to the case that we need to be careful about chasi
Aug 1, 2009 8:00pm EDT
of the fourth. the nats, seven hits already. a lot of guys stranded a frustrating night, but craig stammen has to get his act straightened out here in the middle innings. >> rob: yes. this is more of a triple-a lineup. most of these guys on this team are back-up players at best. they're retooling and rebuilding. you need to dominate this team. this is maybe one of the worst teams you're going to face, maybe one of the worst pitchers. he has a career e.r.a. well around 7.00, and in his 10th start in the major leagues. you need to start taking it to this team and show some people you want to play some ball. >> bob: stammen against delwyn young, the bottom of the fourth is underway and a strike will even the count young led off second and it was stammen's best inning. he deflects that one, but it is into center field. the pirates have six base hits now. >> rob: this election has not been good tonight for craig stammen. we talked about him throwing strikes. you're throwing too much of the plate tonight. knock these guys off the plate and show them you mean business might help them a bit. >> bob: i
FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 12:00am EDT
when craig anthony miller questioned the senator. >> you want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. now wait a minute, now wait a minute. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i have every right to leave. >> wait a minute, wait a minute he has a right to leave. he's right. wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. sean: miller claims senator specter's office told him he would be allowed to speak, but he was not given the mic, so he took matters into his own hands. let's take a look. >> i got news for you, you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. well, -- [applause] >> i'm not a lobbyist with all kinds of money to stuff in your pocket, so that you can cheat the citizens of this country so i'll leave and you can do whatever the hell you want to do. sean: today, events around the country were similarly tense. at a town hall, diane thurber wamsley spoke about the pro-abortion measures. >> americans will be required to have health care that meets minimum standards and obama administration considers abortion an essential service.
Aug 24, 2009 3:00pm EDT
for earnings in the next three to five years. we gauge the industry with senior vice president at kbw and craig moorer, director and equity analyst with aclsa. nice to have you on the program, gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you, maria. >> let's talk about the business here. sanjay, what has changed for the credit card companies? do you think the health of the consumer and the ability to pay back debt on their credit cards is improving? >> i think we saw a couple trends. at the company level delinquency rates slowing for the past three or four months. and then the other thing we've looked at is kind of the leading indicators on the macro front which is jobless claims, which have been on the decline as well. i think we were as high as 650,000 a week and we're down about 100,000 since that point. i think that's a positive leading indicator as well. >> do you agree, then, with the report that we saw today out of barclays? craig, you agree with that notion? >> i definitely think the leading indicators seem to point us that direction. i'm just not sure we're there yet. but it's obviously
Aug 23, 2009 3:40pm EDT
and he is what warming up again. not to be lost in all of this, rob dibble, craig stammen in his 7th inning of work, it's the first time he pitched more than six innings since july 22nd in a 3-1 win against the mets. >> rob: still plugging away. 93 pitches but that shouldn't matter. most of the starting rotation should be well rested. >> bob: it hasn't been a prolific week for starters. a pitch up. right center. morgan can't get there. that ball hops over for a ground-rule double. extremely well hit by iriribarren. that's only milwaukee's fifth hit today. >> rob: some of the pitchers put the ball up in if zone. burnett. >> bob: mike rivera, 0 for 2 with a pair of groundballs and hit taken away by zimmerman last time. >> rob: i think steve mccatty will say the last two pitches have been up in the zone. are you okay? are you tired? going to work the ball down. >> bob: was it john heart you were chat with the other day? >> rob: no, john daniels. >> bob: john daniels, i'm sorry. did he give you a reading whether the rangers can see a difference now from early in the season when n
Aug 17, 2009 11:00pm EDT
sending signals it may abandon the public option for health care. craig boswell has more from washington. >> during an address to the vfw in phoenix. he promise vets they would fulfill health care responsibilities to members of the military. and president warned against what he calls misinformation. >> one thing that reform won't change is veterans health care. no one is going to take away your benefits. that's plain and simple. >> emotion surrounding the overhaul of the health care system erupted in shot shouting matches outside of the convention center. that yelling mirroring the heated exchanges seen at town halls set off by the health care reform. >> when it comes to health care people are drawing a line. and saying enough is enough. >> this weekend officials opened the door to abandon the option. and looked at options to compete with private insurers. different message than the president. saying the public option is a mist. >> during a townhall in philadelphia this morning. spector is fighting for the government run plan. >> i am not willing to write off the public option. because t
Aug 23, 2009 6:00pm EDT
craig stadler, and a win here would get kevin into the 2010 masters. his dad craig won the green jacket in a playoff back in 1982. he's not thinking about that right now. he's thinking about trying to get through this playoff. he had a chance to win it but made bogey on the 72nd hole and sergio garcia has been battling it today. had a nice start but then really struggled and now will be faced with a difficult bunker shot. looks like he's going to come up just short. at one point sergio had a three-shot lead. he'd gotten it to 18 under with a nice birdie run. mark russell from the pga tour. steve holmes, the c.e.o. of wyndham. bobby long is the chairman of this event and has had so much to do with keeping the event here and letting it continue to be a part of this great set of communities in the north carolina piedmont. they're very proud of the history of this event, all the great champions who have won here, and this donald ross design is. now from off the green. this is a really nice effort. ian: that's where he's great. he's phenomenal around the greens with the putter and the wedges
Aug 23, 2009 6:30pm EDT
-time pga tour player and champions tour player craig stadler, masters champion. winner here in 1980 was his father and now son kevin trying to duplicate his father's accomplishment. what are the things that go if you -- through your mind when you're trying to win for the first time on the pga tour? ian: you don't really know what it is you have to do. you haven't done it before. do you just stick to doing what you've done before ow -- or do you think do i do anything different? you're definitely nervous. some guys are aggressive, others get more conservative. bill: what do you remember about your first victory? >> ian: i lost a lot of playoffs early in the first hole. i think it was because i was too aggressive. i tried to make birdie. i won a few after that. i wasn't a prolific winner but i probably won a half a dozen in playoffs and lost a half a dozen. >> you even lost one to me. bill: he's trying hard to eliminate that from his memory bank, david. does it help that these players are in a similar situation or does it matter? if sergio were in the mix would that altiere things? ian: yes,
Aug 14, 2009 11:00pm EDT
fourth of july fireworks display. jackie bensen joins us live tonight with that story. jackie? >> craig, police and fire officials believe that some people have gotten their hands on a whole bunch of professional quality fireworks. on july 4, residents of northeast washington saw the sky light up with what looked like real fireworks like the kind used on the national mall. dozens and dozens of them launched from backyards and alleyways. >> it actually looked like we were on the mall for the fireworks display. the rockets shooting up in the air, and it was really dangers. >> las night they evacuate yated homes in 49th and meade streets after a u.s. postal service mailbox exploded jus before 10:00 p.m. sending dangerous shrapnel flying. >> that's scary because it's right by my house. i thought hy couse was on fire. i was scared. >> investigators later determined the blast was cause birthday i a professional grade fireworks show. just prior to independence day d.c. mayor adrian fenty joined by fire chief dennis ruben renewed a call for d.c. and neighboring montgomery and prince george's co
Aug 15, 2009 5:00am EDT
launched a solo career. he is synonymous with 90s pop music but he only has had country in his heart. craig melon has his story. ♪ i left out in a cloud of tail lights and dust ♪ >> reporter: today the only thing you recognize about darius rutger is the trade mark voice that made hootie and the blowfish one of the most successful bands of the '90s. ♪ you got your feelings hurt his album is the 15th best-selling album of all time. now, 15 years after manufacture the songs becamehe stuff of pop legend, rutgerss going country. >> i just sit back and -- really, i pinch myself. who really gets a second chance at a career? >> reporter: rutgers new album, "learning to live," has sold three quarters of a million copies. we caught up with him recently at nissan pavilion getting ready to play an unfamiliar role. >> it's hard. you know, you're the opener. and i know i have to go up and get involved. i don't want anybody walking out saying that guy hootie sucks. >> reporter: rutgers admits today's country crowd is a lot different of the hootie crowd. >> i love coming out here and walking on theta
Aug 15, 2009 6:00pm EDT
saturday. i'm craig melvin. president obama in grand junction tonight. answering critic whose believe his plans for health car are too ambitious and too expensive. here is a live look inside the townhall. the white house says the president wants to tone down a sudden wave of anger which has put some democratic law makers on the defensive at other townhall meetings around the country. brian moore starts us off tonight. >> at yellowstone national park, president obama caught a stunning view of old faithful. he spent some quality time with the first family. then he headed to colorado in the latest round in the health care reform fight. looking to make peace or at least extend an olive branch to the other side. >> these are legitimate differences worthy of the real discussion that america deserves one where we lower our voices listen to one another and talk about differences that really exist. >> the president is holding another in a series of townhall meetings that look a lot like his election campaign. reform opponents are running a pretty good campaign of their own. >> thank y'all very muc
Aug 15, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. i'm craig melvin. the shooting happened just after 6:00 tonight in northeast d.c. the victims all teenagers or young 41n th00 4100 block ofinnetaso avenue. darcy spencer joins us live tonight from washington. >> craig, police are still searching for the gunman and also looking for a motive in the shooting but believe it was somehow connected to a go-go held earlier this evening. on hayes street in northeast washington, a shooting victim wheeled from a house and taken to the hospital. his clothing inspectednd taken in as evidence. police sources say he was one of at least five victims wounded in a shooting at the bus shelter area of the minnesota avenue metro station in northeast this evening. it's unknown how the victim ended up at the house after being shot. but police say the victims range in age from 16 years old to their early 20s. none of the injuries is considered to be life-threatening. police say it appears at least one gunman on foot opened fire on a huge crowd of people at the shelter and say many of the people are believed to have attended a go-go event paradise day and
Aug 16, 2009 6:00pm EDT
departments, colleges, and area roadways. good sunday to you. i'm craig melvin. maryland governor broke the news to county officials at a conference in ocean city this weekend. the ts are expected to add up to about $250 million. darcy spencer is live in the studio tonight with that story. >> the governor says he actually lost sleep the night before making his announcement. his administration is not providing any details on the cuts so far. but officials say they will be painful. maryland governor martin o'malley says more cuts are coming and they're going to affect state aid for health, police, community colleges and highway maintenance. the cuts will total $250 million. they're meant to help close a huge budget gap. >> a lot of tough decisions. we may see cuts to community colleges, local health departments, aid for law enforcement. these are some tough times not unique to maryland. it's part of this national recession we're in, a global recession. >> reporter: for some jurisdictions, state aid is major source of revenue for their budgets. some are predicting more furloughs. >> i thin
Aug 16, 2009 11:00pm EDT
in on the florida panhandle. good sunday to you. i'm craig melvin. claudette is packing powerful winds and bringing heavy rains to the florida coast. people who live there are also keeping their eye on another storm brewing in the atlantic. chuck bell joining us from storm center 4. >> the storm we're going to have to watch later on in the week is going to be tropical storm, probably going to be hurricane bill. in the short term we need to worry about tropical storm claudette. winds gusting in excess of 40 miles per hour. you can see a lot of travel troubles down there. if you have flight problems tomorrow that will bring you to atlanta, birmingham, pensacola or mobile, flights they be impacted. from pensacola to the very tip, the southernmost extent, you can see on the infrared satellite imagery a compact circulation with the storm moving other far central and western parts of the florida panhandle. this storm packing a lot of rain. apalachicola. over about the next 12 to 24 hours this storm will go inland leaving a lot of wind and rain in its wake. hard hit will be southern alabama, southwestern
Aug 19, 2009 11:00pm EDT
're worried there may be other victims. tonight we are hearing from the man who hired the suspect. craig melvin in fairfax county with the latest. >> reporter: the man accused of fondling the patients is in jail. his ex-boss says there are probably more victims out there. people in pain come to the chantilly specialist for treatment. when paul baconi opened the police he hired jorge sanchez as medical assistant. he recalls the first conversation he had with the patient two weeks ago. that was the first patient who said sanchez violated her. >> he walked out of the room. another medical assistant walked in. and she just broke down and said please don't leave me alone. >> the same day he says another patient made a similar claim. >> was concerned maybe i was wearing the wrong dress. my blouse was the wrong thing. i led him on. no, sweetie this is a doctor's office. i said good gosh, i don't know how deep this is going. i made the decision i was calling the police. >> the spokesperson. camille neville. >> they felt something unusual happened to them. they trusted their gut. >> police charge
Aug 21, 2009 11:00pm EDT
a prostitution free zone. there are some who say this crackdown won't change anything. craig melton is has more. >> reporter: based on arrests and community complaints, yesterday, police put up signs like this. area base owners and prostitutes say they don't think they'll do much. she has been walking these streets around fifth and k for three years. >> here, northeast -- >> reporter: starting midnight friday, d.c. police launch add program aimed at penetrating that aura of invincibility. for ten day, they've declared her work zone a prostitution-free zone. >> the goal is to -- disrupt prostitution in the area. >> reporter: d.c. police have broader authority than usual to go after people they suspect of solicitation. >> they don't necessarily have to be caught in the act of prostitution, but if they're congregate, officers can tell, you guys can't be in this zone. >> reporter: do the signs deter you? >> me personally, no. it's not going to change just because we put a sign up. and worst case scenario, you move to another location. >> reporter: this shop is right in the middle of the zone. he no
Aug 27, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capitol hill where the bernankes' story begins to unfold. >> reporter: earlier this week it was announced he would stay on as fed chief. around the same time some documents began to surface details how bernanke's wife stop at this starbucks became part of a complex and elaborate scheme. >> our assessment is for slower growth but positive growth into next year. >> reporter: last fall while fed chairman ben bernanke was trying to figure out how best to resuscitate an ailing economy he was dealing with money issues at home. around 11:20 in the morning on august 7, 2008 as his wife sat at a table inside this starbucks on capitol hill, someone swiped her purse off the paback of her chair. inside the purse her wallet, credit cards and money, and social security card examine checks. six days later $900 went missing from ben and anna bernanke's account. while it's not known how much the thieves stole from the fed chief and his wife, investigators believe it's merely a drop in the bucket. here's a look at the scope of the scheme. they say the 89 kno
Aug 28, 2009 11:00pm EDT
down the mall before it enters the cemetery. craig melvin continues our team coverage in arlington tonight. craig. >> as steve mentioned ted kennedy's final resting place will be here at arlington national. he will be buried next to his two iconic brothers not far from the eternal flame that burns for jfk. the ceremony here tomorrow will be private. but, the public will have one final chance to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy as the funeral procession makes its way through the capitol. ryan spent a few months working in boston last summer. but he plans to line the procession route saturday afternoon. >> you can tell the significance that senator kennedy had over the states. almost important to be here. >> mike lives in boston. >> i grew up with the kennedies. i was very aware of his illness. i knew it was going to come soon. i was saddened by his death. >> new hope and this is the cause of my life. >> saturday afternoon, the man who spent more than 47 years shaping america through policy, will wind his way through the streets where onlookers are expected to gather for a g
Aug 21, 2009 6:00pm EDT
there is a healthy debate over whether the prose is losing control of the reform message. craig boswell hashat story. >> reporter: the president leaves washington for camp david and then on to his first week-long vacation you but he takes a very long to-do list including the battle over health care reform. >> our focus is to continuing the process that is going on now and the focus that democrats and republicans work together to get a bill through the senate and house and ultimately to the president's death. >> congress has been on recess since early august but there was talks between three key senators last night, three democrats and three republicans trying to find common ground. lawmakers have been getting a earful about the government run part of the plan and the overall cost of health care reform. >> but at the end of the day, i don't think republicans and democrats will support legislation which is government run, which is over a trillion dollars which we can't pay for with a rising debt. >> most republicans say the government run option will drive private insurers out of business while many d
Aug 13, 2009 7:00pm EDT
, a thoughtful e- mail from craig in virginia on why we see more reports of animal cruelty and perhaps why they seem to get more attention than cruelty to people. 40 to 50 years ago, we had loyal devoted pets because of flees, we kept outside. nowadays, they are loyal trusted loved members of the family that are kept inside. and we used to think that they live for today with limited intelligence. now we worry about hurting their feelings and watch them dream as they sleep. and they used to protect the family, now they are a part of the family. we used to know our neighbors, now we isolate ourselves from them. fewer mishaps with more atten, now placing a higher value on our pets than on our neighbors. craig, i like that one, thank you for taking the time. and then there was one more on the issue of whether or not women ought to take their husband's names had they get married. pity that is pittie from college park saying, well, no way. and you should be proud of your family name always. people carry two last names and almost all societies, spanish, russians, asians, they all do. english, the
Aug 23, 2009 6:30pm EDT
champion. kevin stadler, the son of long-time pga tour player and champions tour player craig stadler, masters champion. winner here in 1980 was his father and now son kevin trying to duplicate his father's accomplishment. what are the things that go if you -- through your mind when you're trying to win for the first time on the pga tour? ian: you don't really know what it is you have to do. you haven't done it before. do you just stick to doing what you've done before ow -- or do you think do i do anything different? you're definitely nervous. some guys are aggressive, others get more conservative. bill: what do you remember about your first victory? >> ian: i lost a lot of playoffs early in the first hole. i think it was because i was too aggressive. i tried to make birdie. i won a few after that. i wasn't a prolific winner but i probably won a half a dozen in playoffs and lost a half a dozen. >> you even lost one to me. bill: he's trying hard to eliminate that from his memory bank, david. does it help that these players are in a similar situation or does it matter? if sergio were i
Aug 6, 2009 12:00pm EDT
about that. 8:00 a.m. to 2:00. give blood for the nats. coming up. craig stammen and chris volstad, the pitching preview for the nats and marlins. stay tuned.   we will learn a lot and learn that cold water, ohio is not where he wants to be known from. cold water was his archrival high school. take that out the media guide. and versailles, ohio. and stammen has been ineffective in the last quality starts and what has been going on with craig. >> he hasn't kept the ball down and he hasn't lost anybody and his south pa is up in the strike zone. and he wins 2.14. and you see the 12.91 in the last two outings. and they catch up with him and make some adjustments after you have been around the league. 10, 11 starts. and there is a lot of film on him now. good curve ball. change-up and sinker when he is keeping it down. lately he is sky high and above. and causing some problems. ground ball to fly ball ratio. he was null six and that switched around. and getting it down. that's how you get the ground balls. >> yes. and the good one on the breaking ball. >> th
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Aug 1, 2009 10:00pm EDT
in telephone conversations, in correspondences and e-mailing with dr. klein. >> geraldo: craig, i only have 30 seconds before the commercial break and then i will bring you in on the other side. do we know whether that doctor, the man you just interviewed really has inside access to the jacksons and has the inside scoop? >> i mean he tells me he has been speaking with the jackson family on a daily basis. he is probably with them right now according to what he is telling me and even presented a letter signed by katherine jackson authorizing him to speak to the su the sun news p. >> geraldo: so the doctor has t authorization to speak. much more, including -- for unsurpassed absorption, to nourish your bones. the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. >>> this is america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. did a british intelligence agency mistakenly recruit people sympathetic to al-qaeda? they said it happened during a rush to beef up intelligence. it followed the 2005 suicide
FOX News
Aug 2, 2009 1:00am EDT
and e-mailing with dr. klein. >> geraldo: craig, i only have 30 seconds before the commercial break and then i will bring you in on the other side. do we know whether that doctor, the man you just interviewed really has inside access to the jacksons and has the inside scoop? >> i mean he tells me he has been speaking with the jackson family on a daily basis. he is probably with them right now according to what he is telling me and even presented a letter signed by katherine jackson authorizing him to speak to the su you know the little things you do to help the environment? here's one more... ziploc evolve. made with 25% less plastic. and made with wind energy. better for the environment. still ziploc fresh. new ziploc evolve. s.c. johnson. a family company. ♪ you're not the kind of guy that makes the girls all sigh ♪ two for three?! ♪ and they never turn their heads and look when you walk by♪ ♪ cause it's the little things that mean a lot ♪ oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness. ♪ it's what you are... ♪ ...not what you've got. i better ge
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Aug 16, 2009 12:00am EDT
and providing care for a woman she met on craig's list. he said he would pay her $600 to take care of his disabled brother. he would be dropped off at her house and she would change his diapers and let him watch cartoons, and her husband got suspicious, and saw him transform into a normal dude who jumped into a car. apparently the man who placed the ad and the disabled brother are one in the same. and it gets better i think, the cops are called. and no files can be charged. baby huey didn't break any laws, and says the poor little in question: you know, jim, that really is a good question. >> how stupid is this lady? after 3 months, someone told her 5-11 is big for an infant. >> should she share in some responsibility? she's a caregiver, she's -- this is a normal thing. but why craig's list? you don't go to craig's list to find patients. >> no, this makes the craig's list killer look -- the question is will this be covered by obama care, and you still owe me for the last two sessions. >> the worst part, he made her do it on the glass fable. >> jill, you have to admire this man's trickery.
Aug 4, 2009 7:17pm EDT
: there is craig, dominique, olarmi, laurie, terry, brian, jacqueline, sean and elaine. >> 15 -- >> reporter: in all an unprecedented 14 surgeries over four days with ambulances rushing kidneys between georgetown university hospital and washington hospital center. dr. keith bolanson is director of kidney transplants at georgetown. dney disease in this country of especially in the big urban centers. >> reporter: diabetes and high blood pressure are to blame. nationwide, 80,000 people are waiting for a kidney. 32% are black. and there aren't enough donors. here in washington, d.c. the need is especially acute. 6,000 people are on dialysis. vast majority african-american. yet doctors only perform 250 transplants each year. one big problem minorities often build up antibodies that cause organ rejection. so the doctor helped pioneer a process to filter the antibodies from blood plasma making a transplant a reality. >> wthink that with this procedure that we could perform thousands more transplants in this country. approximately 2,000 to 3,000 more transplants every year. >> reporter: without the
Aug 12, 2009 5:00pm EDT
their money and buy some powerball tickets. craig melvin now on how they are turning their good luck into goodwill. >> reporter: when bridget saw a billboard posting the prize at more than $100 million she asked her co-workers if they would be interested. it wasn't a tough sell. >> everybody started digging in their desk and pulling out change and pennies. wounded up being 27 people who decided they wanted to put in a dollar and take a chance on playing the powerball. >> reporter: that night she decided to check the numbers online. >> about 1:00 i decided to check the powerball numbers. and i -- had made copies so i highlighted and got down to one ticket. i had realized i had on that ticket all of the but one number. i was excited but i didn't know how much we won at the time. >> reporter: the next morning she found out how much she and 26 of her grateful colleagues won. >> as we said, the d.c. lottery, lots of people win. and today we continue to demonstrate that by awarding the hilton washington 27 with a check for $10,000. >> i thought initially she was maybe just fibbing a little
Aug 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. just very heavy volume all around town this afternoon. craig and wendy, back to you. >> all right. thanks, ashley. >>> first it was raining and then sunny and now cloudy. >> in baltimore i think it is going to be fine. leftover showers that you could see have come through baltimore. another little patch around glen burnie. it is moving into bowie now. as you can see, that's the one area of showers and for the game itself. i think it will be fine. temperatures 82 degrees with partly sunny skies. our temperatures right now remain in the 80s and overnight tonight will be a pleasant night. for august, hey, good football weather. even humidity is not too bad. i will joan you downstairs about our upcoming weekend, too. >> thanks, bob. >>> in montgomery county, a man responsible for a series of violent home invasions was sentence today. he got life i prison without the possibilityfar ic renvof ted convicted of breaking into women's homes and tying them up and robbing them. one victim was killed. tracee wilkins has more on the story from montgomery county. >> reporter: perfect leah was a
Aug 2, 2009 7:30am EDT
'll turn to the board of directors. jennifer hill is here to help female entrepreneurs. craig started a company in his apartment and now both are multi-million revenues. so great to see both of you. thank you for coming on the program. >> thank you. >> this is one of my favorite pieces. what i love is big ass fans is a funny name and new peace, but how do you think it changed the culture in. >> well, by using that name, it told the world her confident in our products. whatever we do is do it ourselves. that attracts customer to the companies. >> what if you had a total straight guy as the ceo and it was filled with a bunch of stray people and then you have this name. would that work? >> you can definitely end up having a fun environment at the office while having a very straight-laced product name and a lull of a product game regardless as long as the president project is there. >> do you have to be the kind of person to push it, though? do you have to be a big ass guy to have the success? >> he or she has to embody with the images. if you are an employee, you want something to look u
Aug 3, 2009 11:00pm EDT
in falls church. craig melvin is there tonight. craig? >> reporter: wendy, i talked to one of the young women who lives here. she did not want to be on camera. meanwhile, the manager of the complex said they hired a security guard to patrol the areaor the next week. that, apparently, not enough peace of mind. because the woman i talked to here and roommates are not sleeping here tonight. lice swarmed the peach tree lane complex about 3:30 monday morning. the commotion awakened courtney witlow, who only lives here three weeks. >> waking up to four police cars and a policeman on foot with a flashlight shining makes awe nervous at 3:30 at night. >> reporter: one of the women told news 4 a guy got in and pinned down a 14-year-old girl sleeping on the couch. she awakened and screamed. he ran out the front door. one of the other girls in the apartment called 911. later monday neighbors began hearing about what happened. >> i was on the ground level as well. >> reporter: you are? >> yeah, our windows open right out to the street. >> i don't want to unduly alarm the neighborhood but people need
Aug 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. craig melvin is live in chevy chase to tell us abut that. hey, craig. >> wendy, chevy chase wants to be clear. they support idea of a purple line. as one resident who lives nearby told me. a classic case of nimby, not in my backyard. >> she uses public transportation. this is her favorite way to get around. >> i annal lom in love with the. beautiful trees. been here a long time. wildlife you can see really important to me. >> purple line option we are proposing will be sleek, it will be quiet, it will be low to the gr nd. >> but the new $1.5 billion light rail siystem means change for the cap trital crescent tra. >> it would destroy the trees you see along here. and would make the trail narrow and dangerous. >> while some don't want to sacrifice green space for a purple line. others like shirley mclowd don't want to sacrifice green. >> since my investment will go down in value. and my neighborhood is going to be concern. i would rather at this time be more concerned homeowner. >> the 16-mile line that would connect new carolton to chevy chase seals to have divided the neighborhood
Aug 30, 2009 11:00pm EDT
'm craig melvin. a string of armed robberies in the area of george washington university has heightened concerns about safety.ethn nt in the the most recent i e thenmost recent pp haened this weekend on l street just blocks from g.w. darcy spencer joins us live tonight from that area with more. >> reporter: good evening, craig. as you can see behind me students are just wrapping up watching a movie. they are being told to be careful, that there are some robberies in the area. it's back to class for george washington university students on monday. some are already getting a lesson in personal safety. there have been nearly a dozen robberies near the campus in recent months. >> i think it's terrible. i think it really shows a lack of security in the neighborhood. i think that students are much more of a target than anybody else, because they probably walk around the streets more at night than most people who live around here. >> reporter: the latest robbery happened here at 21st and l street northwest early saturday morning. a woman's purse snatched from her
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